Why Apple is the boldest and perhaps the most notorious company in history?

The most valuable, most admired and almost the greatest company in history, can be given another title to add to it’s hall of fame. Apple is the boldest company ever in history. The dictionary puts the meaning of bold as “so confident as to suggest a lack of shame or modesty”. Ofcourse everyone is bold, but none of them tread a path so unconventional, that it risks their very foothold, as Apple does. The later is never going to happen for the Cupertino based behemoth, atleast not soon.

Everyone want’s to be successfull and some of them have thier tested formula for success and are eventually successfull. But how about being super successful. There are some who try to be awfully different and that pays. Apple is one of them and most probably the only one.

No, I’m not an i-fanboy.

All Apple products differ atleast in dozen ways from their more tried, tested and successful counterparts. And almost many of the differences seem silly or otherwise seem to be made that way, just to show the world that they are different. In today’s competitive¬† world being this way requires a lot of grit.

Apple is very well known for it’s policies like lack of flash support, proprietary software for content transfer and no bluetooth file transfer support in it’s devices. Even newer devices of other brands don’t have these features, but still they were implemented by Apple at a time when they were like the unavoidable standard features. I can still remember how the internet cried when the Macbook released without an optical drive. Poeple freaked out “How on earth will we be able to watch all of our DVDs and listen to our CDs?”. And sure, totally disowning optical discs with disk drive less laptops was very much preemptive of Apple way back in 2008. But still the Macbook sold like hot cake’s. Apple couldn’t have been more bold to sell a product that differed so much from the coventional.

The Iphone is one gadget, that wrote the way Apple would live the rest of it’s life, much like what it’s predecessor the Ipod did. The phone possibly has more fans than any other thing on the planet. So naturally for such a product, the expectations are high when a new version of it is announced. The expectations pile up, even months before the announcement. The rumour mills start working full time. Some of them going to the extent of creating imaginary computer renders of the yet to be announced product. All this buzz only increases the expectations from the company. But after the release you are left only with a whimper. The last 3 generations of the ‘Jesus Phone’ have been just as identical as each other, ofcourse slightly improved than their older counterparts. But still a company of such caliber known for it’s innovations(?), putting out the ‘same’ product on a grand launch event, is just unthinkable. Yes Apple is bold enough to do this. But is this something to brag? That doesn’t matter. What matters is their sheer boldness (read notoriety) to unveil a taller, thinner, lighter, faster clone of their old machine again, before the already overexpecting world, the media, the people, and perhaps the aliens too…

Coming on to more recent times. The Apple maps fiasco is already the talk of the town. Reports suggest that, even before it’s launch Apple was warned by their developer community that the maps data were not up to the expectations. But still, the way Apple ditched Google maps and went ahead with their own application is strange and also stupid, since the company is known all along for it’s attention to quality. This, by all means is a ridiculously stupid act, yet Apple was bold enough to do it.

No other company in the history has been so unconventional and yet tasted so much success, as Apple has. But perhaps, that is the reason behind their success. So the mantra to success is, break the rules and rewrite them yourself, let the world follow you.